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All Heart's Management Team

All Heart Home Care provides experienced and passionate home care in San Diego. The diversity in life experience and backgrounds of each member of our leadership team has served us well. These qualities have given us the ability to provide the best possible care to our clients.

Each team member has a unique set of skills that contribute to the care that we provide to you or your loved one. Our knowledge and skills allow us to provide you with the quality of home care that will allow you to retain your independence.

As a team, we have the result-oriented goal of providing you with the home care that adheres to the highest standards. We are always within easy reach of our caregivers at any time so that they have the ongoing support they need. We also offer them consistent training and continuing education. They are always working to improve their capabilities to provide the quality of services that our clients have come to expect.

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Leadership Team All Heart Home Care Eric Barth CEO

Eric Barth – CEO
Director of Operations (Veteran)
“Bringing my Midwest values
to southern California”

Like many of us, Eric has seen firsthand the difficulty that people have in trying to care for a loved one. When his grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, his grandmother cared for him in their home until she was no longer able. The disease progressed, making the level of care he required too much for her to handle on her own. After only one week in a nursing facility, Eric’s grandfather passed away.

If home care had been an option for Eric’s grandmother, his grandfather would have had the option to stay in home longer. Research has shown that changing an Alzheimer’s patient’s surroundings can accelerate the progression of the disease. Eric believes that putting his grandfather into a nursing facility made him feel alone, confused, and (click to read more)

possibly depressed.

Eric’s grandmother received the diagnosis of cancer a few years later. He was unable to be with her to provide the love and comfort he was certain she needed. It took a toll on the entire family. They could see the pain that she was in and there was nothing they could do to stop her suffering. They wished they had a way to make her more comfortable.

In-home care by a compassionate caregiver could have made a big difference in his grandmother’s and his entire family’s lives. Someone who understands the client’s unique circumstances understands the symptoms of the disease and has the right training to provide comfort to the client. This makes the experience more comforting to the person with the disease and their families.

The experiences Eric had with his grandparents are what brought him to All Heart Home Care. He wanted to be sure that no other family had to be alone when caring for their loved one in their home. By offering home care in San Diego, he has given many others in this position the support they need to keep their loved one at home.

In addition to the loss of his grandparents, Eric also lost his father from cancer when Eric was only in his twenties. During that time, his family had a great deal of difficulty finding in-home care with the expertise to care for his father. The entire family felt alone and without hope. He knows that a company like All Heart Home Care would have made a great deal of difference.

Today, Eric recognizes the need for cancer patients and their families to have specialized in-home care. Like many adult children who want to be there for their parents and grandparents, Eric had obligations that he simply couldn’t neglect. Distance also adds to the difficulty. Eric’s sister and husband had full-time jobs and two children to raise. Eric was in Spokane, Washington where he was stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base. His grandparents and father lived in Wisconsin.

Now that Eric is out of the military, he devotes his life to caring for the elderly in the way that a family member would. As a top member of the leadership team of All Heart Home Care, Eric provides the highest quality of client-centered, affordable in-home care. Home care in San Diego will give family members peace of mind that their loved ones have the care they need.

Leadership Team All Heart Home Care Ryan Ines COO

Ryan Ines – COO
LVN, CPhT, Supervisor
“My passion for care
touches everyone.”

Ryan worked for several other home-care franchises before becoming a member of the leadership team at All Heart Home Care. He also worked for a number of large caregiving corporations. Ryan found that the care provided to clients was impersonal and not of the level that he felt it should be. His passion is to change the caregiving industry one client at a time.

Ryan has more than seven years of experience working as a Certified Nursing Assistant and has acquired his license as a Pharmacy Technician. Through his work and education, Ryan has developed the skills to work with patients who have cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other forms of dementia. He has dedicated his life to providing (click to read more)

care for others. His choice in careers came as no surprise to Ryan’s family and close friends. He comes from a long line of nurses and health care professionals with the same dedication to caring that is so important to him.

Ryan continues to pursue learning and advanced development in his profession. In 2017, he passed the board of nursing, earning his certification as a licensed vocational nurse (LVN). He graduated with high honors and served as Valedictorian of his graduating class.

As a co-owner of All Heart Home Care, Ryan brings his knowledge of nursing to the staff of caregivers and the clients they serve.

Leadership Team All Heart Home Care Victoria Lisenko Nurse

Victoria Lisenko – BSN, RN, PHN – Case Manager
“Bringing a higher standard in care”

In addition to her passion for providing care to the geriatric patient population, Victoria is also an advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association San Diego Chapter. Her compassion and understanding come in part from her own experience of seeing both of her parents’ battle diabetes and cancer. They were not prepared for the change in lifestyle or the emotional and physical demands that their conditions demanded. The care provided to her parents after their diagnosis and through their recovery took everything the family had to give. Since Victoria’s mother lives in Michigan and her father in Texas, providing care from California was exceptionally difficult.

Victoria and her family were more fortunate than (click to read more)

some of the other members of the leadership team. She and her family found help from local care agencies in both of her parents’ communities. Victoria knows firsthand the difference having reputable agencies to care for your loved ones can make.

Victoria is happy to have the opportunity to work with the team of healthcare professionals that make up the staff of All Heart Home Care. She realizes that each member is committed to improving lives and that they have the same dedication to giving a diversity of patients the highest quality home care in San Diego.

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