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All Heart Senior Care™ is the leading provider of senior care in San Diego. We offer a flexible home care service which can be customized to meet each client’s specific requirements. Whether you need around the clock care, help with a few errands, or something in-between, you can depend on All Heart Senior Care™.

We employ a hand-picked team of skilled caregivers with the training and expertise necessary to provide world class home care services. They are compassionate individuals who enjoy helping our clients get the most out of life.

Our home care agency takes a personalized approach to delivering our services. We carefully evaluate the personality of each client before finding a suitable caregiver. This ensures that a strong client-caregiver relationship can develop, and eventually, a great friendship.

When a strong client-caregiver bond has been established, seniors find it easier to rely on the caregiver for their personal needs. This helps us create a personalized care plan that fully meets all the client’s home care requirements. This system of individualized care is what sets us apart from other home care providers in San Diego.

Our caregivers are a diverse group, with different personality traits and varied interests. This diversity makes it easy for us to find a caregiver who is well matched to each client and able to make them feel completely comfortable in their home. Our goal is to find a caregiver that the client enjoys having in their home.

The home care services we provide are ideal for seniors who have lost the mobility or dexterity required to complete everyday tasks like preparing meals and washing dishes. We also provide help to seniors who are dealing with a degenerative illness or recovering from a debilitating condition.

Our caregivers provide a wide range of support services to clients dealing with serious medical issues. This includes assistance with rehabilitation, preparation of nutritious meals, driving clients to doctor’s appointments, collecting medication, and much more.

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All Heart Senior Care San Diego

Seniors can develop health problems which make it difficult to perform everyday tasks. Simple acts like using the bathroom, washing your hair, cooking a meal, or cleaning the home become much more difficult if you have a condition which impacts your mobility or physical health.

All Heart Senior Care provides the assistance that seniors require to successfully achieve these daily tasks. We provide the assistance that clients require to remain safe, healthy, and happy. It allows seniors to retain the freedom, comfort, and independence of living at home, instead of having to move into a senior care facility.

Our talented caregivers understand the importance of showing clients the respect, attention, and appreciation they deserve. We will always put the client first, providing a world class service that is professional, compassionate, and reliable. Our core focus is to help the client get the most enjoyment out of life while remaining in the comfort of their own home.


All Heart Senior Care San Diego Meal Assistance

Access to nutritious food is particularly important for people who are elderly, battling an illness, or trying to recover from a recent injury. All Heart Senior Care helps by providing clients with dietary services as a part of our non-medical home care service.

Our caregivers will prepare delicious meals which meet each client’s dietary requirements. They are skilled cooks who enjoy making food for others. They can prepare meals based on a diet plan provided by a nutritionist or make a client’s favorite meal based off their family recipes.

We can also monitor the client’s dietary intake to ensure they are eating well and check expiration dates on foods in the home to ensure all available food is safe to eat. Other diet and nutrition services we can provide include grocery shopping, meal delivery, personalized meal planning, writing of grocery lists, and dishwashing.


All Heart Senior Care San Diego Housekeeping

If a person is dealing with a loss of mobility or a serious illness, it can become difficult to keep up with daily household chores. In fact, trying to complete daily cleaning tasks while unwell or struggling with poor mobility can be quite dangerous. Lifting heavy items like washing baskets can cause an injury. Mopping a slippery floor may cause a fall to occur.

Fortunately, All Heart Senior Care is available to help. We understand the limitations that clients often deal with and are eager to step in and help them maintain a neat, tidy, and clean-living environment. We provide cleaning services as a part of our home care assistance packages.

Our caregivers will take care of domestic chores like washing dishes, hanging out clothes, vacuuming, cleaning toilets and so on. Our goal is to help clients enjoy a clean and hygienic home environment without putting their safety at risk.  Domestic housekeeping duties is limited to 20% of the caregiver’s scheduled shift.


All Heart Senior Care San Diego Reminders

Looking after a household can become quite difficult for seniors, particularly if they are unwell or restricted to bed. Tasks like paying bills, making appointments, refilling prescriptions, managing doctor’s appointments, and taking medications can all become a significant challenge.

Our caregivers are available to help with any household management task that the client is no longer capable of completing. This ranges from simple tasks like checking the mail and answering the phone, through to going into the city to collect parcels. Our caregivers can also perform personally important tasks like sending gifts to family members or writing thank you notes to friends. We will ensure that all household tasks are taken care of in a timely fashion, so the client can simply relax in the comfort of their own home.


All Heart Senior Care San Diego Memory Engagement

All Heart Senior Care has been providing home care services to elderly and/or ill clients in the San Diego area for many years. A significant number of the clients we care for are battling neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

According to the latest research, individuals in the early stages of these types of diseases can benefit from memory exercises which engage their mind. These exercises can reduce the early-stage signs and symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases and improve the patient’s quality of life.

Our caregivers have received training on how to perform memory engagement exercises. These exercises have been carefully structured to help clients retain their memory and cognitive function. They have been proven to be effective at slowing the progression of memory robbing conditions and improve a person’s quality of life.


All Heart Senior Care San Diego Transportation Assistance

Many of the seniors who use San Diego home care services still need to visit locations outside of the home on a regular basis. This can be difficult if they find it difficult to drive and do not enjoy using public transport.

Fortunately, our caregivers are more than happy to provide transportation. We can drive clients to medical appointments, social engagements, shopping centers, and family events get-togethers. We can even take the client on sightseeing trips, where they get to enjoy a few hours out of the house and explore some of the beautiful parts of San Diego.

Our caregivers are skilled drivers who are more than capable of providing safe transportation services to our clients. They can help clients get where they need to go in a timely manner. All caregivers have received extensive background checks and have supplemental auto/non-owned auto insurance for our client’s peace of mind. All the vehicles used to transport clients are comfortable, safe, and roadworthy. You can always depend on our caregivers to drive in a professional and safe manner. They can also help the client get in and out of the vehicle. Wherever you need to go, you can be assured you will reach their destination with total safety.


All Heart Senior Care San Diego Companionship

Seniors who live alone, are homebound, or do not have many opportunities for socializing can sometimes feel socially isolated. This can lead to feelings of loneliness, sadness, or in severe cases, depression.

Our caregivers are more than happy to spend some time with a client and provide the companionship they need. They can provide companionship in all types of situations, ranging from a simple conversation over a cup of tea at home or a chaperone to accompany the client to events throughout San Diego.

Several studies have shown that there are significant benefits associated with companionship and regular social interactions, including improved mood, better cardiovascular health, and a lower risk of mental health issues. The companionship that is provided by our caregivers does not just help clients avoid loneliness, it can help them heal faster following an illness, surgery, or trauma.

The team at All Heart Senior care endeavors to find caregivers who are the perfect match for each client. This improves the quality of companionship that is provided as the caregiver will share many of the interests of the client and have a compatible personality. They will make life more enjoyable for the client by helping them participate in activities that are fun and mentally engaging.

Whether the client prefers to have a quiet conversation, go sight-seeing, spend the day shopping, or catch a movie, our caregivers can help. They will provide daily stimulation and encouragement which will help the client get the most enjoyment out of life possible.


Seniors who need 24-hour assistance typically need a higher level of care compared to those who can still manage some daily tasks. Our highly trained caregivers have all the skills necessary to provide world class 24/7 care. They can help with a wide range of tasks, including toileting, showering, help getting into and out of bed, shaving, getting dressed, taking medication, and so on.

Seniors who require around the clock care can benefit from our 24-Hour support. It provides many advantages, including:

– Permanent protection against falls or wandering.

– Fewer caregivers are necessary which provides continuity in care.

– No overtime charges. We charge you a discounted flat daily rate.

– 2 caregivers work daily shift rotations with 12 hour shifts.


All Heart Senior Care San Diego Respite Care

It is common for relatives or spouses often take on caregiving responsibilities when a relative is unwell. However, there are often situations where they are unable to fulfill all the needs of their loved one, either due to time constraints or other obligations. It can place a great burden on the relative or spouse as they scramble to find some help.

If you need a caregiver in an emergency situation, our respite home care services are available. We help many families in the San Diego area, providing short term assistance when a family member’s regular caregiver is not available.

We will provide your loved one with the high standard of compassionate care that they deserve. Give our office a call to learn more about senior respite home care and the minimum number of hours required to use this service.

We are immensely proud of the high-quality home care assistance provided by our team and the positive difference that they make to the lives of our clients and their families.

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