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Recovery from surgery, a stroke, or cancer treatment is often overwhelming to adults of any age. They may have multiple medications to take and manage at a time when they feel their worst. If they have memory loss, the situation can become more challenging and even dangerous. Your loved one may not be able to figure out instructions or remember what it is the doctor told them to do. You or your loved one needs to follow the doctor’s orders to the last detail for an effective recovery. It isn’t unusual for adults and seniors to have problems keeping up with their medications and follow-up doctor appointments. Some types of post-care also call for additional treatments or therapy sessions. All Heart Home Care™ offers recovery home care in San Diego to help recovering patients get the medicine and rest they need. A caregiver can remind them to take prescriptions at the proper time.

Our in-home team can help prevent you or your loved one from ending up back in the hospital or taking a lot longer to get well. All Heart Home Care offers the non-medical care that often follows unexpected surgery, a cancer diagnosis, elective surgery, or a stroke. Our caregivers understand how stressful it can be for a patient who is unable to care for themselves. The situation can also cause a great deal of stress on their family members.

Pre & Post Hospital Home Care

Stroke Recovery Home Care

Cancer Recovery Home Care

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Pre & Post Hospital Home Care

It is difficult for anyone to know how to prepare for a hospital stay. Often, the person feels weighed down with worry about the procedure they will undergo. It is easy to overlook their needs in preparing for their hospital stay. They may not even consider the type of care they will need once they return home. We will ensure that you have everything in order when you go into the hospital. A caregiver will be there to make sure you arrive for your procedure in a timely manner and will provide the company needed to reduce stress. The caregiver can obtain the instructions for your care to help you with a successful recovery at home. We understand that your family members who are far away are concerned about you. We act as a facilitator between the recovering patient and their family members so they are aware of your progress every step of the way.

What We Can Do:

Some of the non-medical tasks our caregivers can perform to assist include:

  • Gather and pack items in preparation for the hospital stay
  • Get comprehensive directions from the doctor and other medical staff members. Make sure every detail is followed
  • Go to pre-treatment and post-treatment medical visits to obtain instructions and maintain the ongoing quality of care
  • Keep the client’s medical information secure according to HIPAA guidelines
  • Provide transport to and from the hospital in a safe and timely manner
  • Maintain contact with the hospital and provide updates to family members
  • Take and organize clear notes on the instructions as provided by the doctors
  • Provide a broad range of non-medical supportive services after the client returns home

The All Heart Home Care team provides the attention to detail to keep every client safe and healthy during their recovery. We understand how difficult it is when you can’t be there to provide personal care to your loved one. You can rest assured that our caregivers will provide exceptional care to your loved one in San Diego when you are far away. Our caregivers are the next best thing to being there to care for your loved one during a fearful time.

Our non-medical home care services will ensure you or your loved one gets the care needed to recover. Our caregivers will also provide the companionship that will make the healing process less of a burden on everyone.

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Stroke Recovery Home Care

All Heart Home Care offers recovery home care for victims of a stroke throughout the Greater San Diego area. A stroke is the most likely cause of long-term disability in the US. Every 40 seconds, someone in this country has a stroke. When a stroke patient survives, they may undergo a number of challenges. The physical limitations caused by the stroke can also cause emotional and behavioral changes to occur. They often feel lost and alone. The impact of a stroke can make it difficult to impossible to deal with everyday tasks. If they are unable to recover, they are at risk of losing their independence. Nothing is more frightening to an adult than thinking that they may never be able to take care of themselves again.

Adapting at Home After a Stroke

A person who survives a stroke is just getting started at facing new challenges. Every person may differ in their symptoms. Some will have problems with balance or coordination. They may have paralysis or numbness on one side of their body or problems controlling their bladder or bowels. Other symptoms include memory problems or thinking. Overcoming these problems can take a lifetime.

Recovery from a stroke may include increasing strength and regaining independence. Many people just want to return to their homes and the lives they led prior to having a stroke. The process they go through can be both physically and mentally challenging. It isn’t surprising that they can endure a lot of emotional difficulties due to their condition and the stress it places on them.

How All Heart Home Care Can Help

All Heart Home Care can help make everyday life better for you and your loved one. Our caregivers have the knowledge and training to deliver the best possible recovery home care services in San Diego. They know the types of changes their clients might go through and how to help them face them for a more successful recovery.

Our In-Home Caregivers Can:

  • Do Light Housekeeping
  • Prepare Nutritious Meals
  • Remind the Client to Take Medications
  • Re-positioning
  • Assist with Mobility
  • Inspect the Home for Safety to Prevent Falls and Injuries
  • Assist with Bathing
  • Assist with Personal Hygiene
  • Help with Dressing
  • Provide Personal Care
  • Supervise and Assist with Any Prescribed Exercise
  • Provide Transportation to Doctor’s Appointments and Other Medical Treatments
  • Run Errands and Go Grocery Shopping

We understand the emotional, physical, and mental stress a stroke places on you and your loved one. Our highly trained caregivers provide the support needed to make their recovery less challenging. Our non-medical home care team will provide the personalized support they need for their specific condition and situation.

Safety-Proofing a Home after a Stroke

A person who has had a stroke is more vulnerable to accidents that can happen at home. They may find it difficult to control their movements due to a loss of balance and control. Our caregivers will provide the services needed to help keep the client safe.

  • Placing furniture out of walkways and adding padding to sharp corners or edges
  • Keeping walkways clear of all items
  • Securing electrical cords to the floor or wall
  • Place telephones in each room with easy access to emergency numbers
  • Installing the appropriate flooring for clients who are in a wheelchair or using a walker
  • Removing runners and throw rugs or securing them to the floor with special carpet tape
  • Provide handrails and ramps
  • Providing assistive bathroom equipment including raised toilet seats, handheld shower heads, tub benches, and grab bars for the shower
  • Provide the client with a portable alarm system they can use to call for instant assistance
  • Ensure doorways are wide enough to accommodate a walker or wheelchair as needed

By client request our home care services may include a safety site inspection to ensure the client has a secure, safe home environment. You can count on All Heart Home Care for the best quality stroke recovery home care in San Diego.

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Cancer Recovery Home Care

No other diagnosis brings about the kind of fear as that of cancer. There are many types of cancer. Each kind exhibits its own unique set of symptoms and behaviors. There are also different types of treatments that produce different types of side-effects. Many cancer patients go back and forth between home and the hospital during the course of their disease. No matter what kind of cancer you or your loved one has, you can count on home care to be a part of most types of cancer treatment. All Heart Home Care offers the range of home care services in San Diego to meet the needs of any cancer patient.


Companionship is one of the most essential services our caregivers provide to cancer patients. All Heart Home Care will optimize our services to meet your specific needs. Our caregivers are highly trained to help cancer patients keep their spirits high throughout the treatment and recovery process.

We understand that it is important to our client’s recovery to keep both body and mind in good health. The caregivers from All Heart Home Care accomplish this by providing stimulating, intellectual conversation, help in choosing and reading thought-provoking or entertaining books, mental awareness stimulation, and making and building puzzles. Our caregivers have a diversity of interests and areas of expertise. Conversing with them is enjoyable and stimulating.

We understand the valuable role of friends and family members in the cancer patient’s life. For many, the effects of cancer treatments make it difficult to spend quality time with those people they care the most about.

Our caregivers will help you plan get-togethers, schedule meetings, and plan events with friends and family. The All Heart Home Care team makes it possible to keep the people you care about close and enjoy activities with them that you want to share.

Household and Personal Care

Once you have made the decision to have recovery home care, the next step is to develop a personal care plan. We will work with you and your loved ones to design a plan which includes all the services you will need. Some of the services to consider are:

  • On-call Nurse for overseeing and managing your home care recovery process
  • Assistance with daily activities like dressing, bathing, and toilet use when the side-effects of treatment interrupt your routine. Some treatments cause nausea, vomiting, fever, and fatigue.
  • Upkeep or maintenance for home appliances
  • Pet care
  • Plant care

These are just some of the personalized care options offered at All Heart Home Care. Our caregivers will also assist you with chores like vacuuming, meal preparation, laundry, shopping, and more.

Transportation Assistance

Most cancer patients find it difficult to drive to the doctor’s office or clinic. It is often even more challenging to drive after treatment. Some patients will be unable to drive at all while they are in treatment or even for some time afterward.

Our caregivers can provide transportation to the social activities that you are no longer able to drive to on your own. They will take you to church services, drive you to appointments, and assist you with errands. You don’t have to stay at home just because you can’t drive. Our caregivers will provide you with transportation to:

  • Grocery Shopping
  • Appointments at the Salon or the Doctor’s Office
  • Family Events
  • Special Occasions
  • Religious Services
  • Club Meetings

A Broad Assortment of Caregivers

Every client has unique needs and the need for personalized care. We offer a broad range of caregivers with various degrees, certifications, and other qualifications to meet the diversity of needs our clients present. Each must pass our rigorous hiring process so we know that you will receive the best cancer recovery home care in San Diego.

All Heart Home Care offers the home care services that you can trust. Our caregivers go through federal and criminal background checks. We also check their driving records annually and verify their personal auto insurance and limitations. Our nursing assistants receive the same rigorous process with the addition of having their licensing verified.

Why Choose All Heart Home Care?

Nothing is more vital to the care of your loved one than having the most qualified caregivers looking out for their every need. In addition to their medical care, they also need a great deal of non-medical care to facilitate their recovery. It isn’t easy when you can’t provide the personal care your loved one needs. Most people have other responsibilities that limit their time. Even those who are free to provide care lack the experience and training to give their loved one exactly what they need.

All Heart Home Care is dedicated to providing you or your loved one with the cancer recovery home care that will add to their safety, comfort, and well-being. Our broad assortment of non-medical caregivers allows us to give you the personalized care that is an essential part of the treatment and recovery process.

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