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Hospice and palliative care are often provided to patients who have a terminal illness and want to stay at home. While both types of care provide pain and symptom relief, there is one distinction between the two. Hospice care is an end-of-life care with no goal of curing the disease. Palliative care is an option whether their illness is curable, life-threatening or chronic.

All Heart Home Care™ offers non-medical hospice–palliative home care support as a supplemental service. The care provided adds a layer of support to patients with serious illness regardless of the outcome. Many people decide to receive treatment for their illness at home.

They find it easier to cope when they have friends and family members around them. Hospice and palliative care make it possible to get the medications and medical equipment they need. Medical professionals provide medical care for pain and symptom relief. Our caregivers provide the services that add to their comfort and peace of mind.

Compassionate Care for Patients and Their Families

Our caregivers are there to provide the services that will bring relief to you and your loved one. Some of what we do adds to the client’s physical comfort. For example, the caregiver can give a restricted patient a bed bath and tend to their hygiene.

We can also add to the client’s emotional comfort. A caregiver can read to them, play their favorite music, or just sit and hold their hand.

Our compassionate caregivers understand that the client’s condition affects the entire family. You want to know if something changes.  Sometimes sharing what the client said or did that day can make a big difference to you. We will always keep you informed if your loved one’s condition changes and provide the support you need to deal with your loved one’s illness.

All Heart Home Care offers hospice – palliative home care support that fits your schedule and your specific needs. If you need a break from taking care of your loved one, we understand. Our caregivers can provide you with dependable respite care. You can count on us for supportive care for a few hours a day or around the clock.

How Our Caregivers Can Help

– Help with Bathing and Hygiene

– Incontinence Care

– Assistance with Transfers when Possible

– Normal Daily Activities

– Assistance Using Eating Utensils

– Light Housekeeping (20% / Shift Limit)

– Doing Laundry

– Providing Companionship

– Bed Baths for Patients Confined to Bed

– Aiding with Dressing and Undressing

– Turning the Client to Prevent Bed Sores

– Preparing and Serving Meals

– Washing Dishes

– Changing Bed Linens

– Providing Pet Care

– Updates for family/hospice provider

All Heart Home Care understands how difficult it is to put the care of your loved one into someone else’s hands. All of our caregivers are highly trained and experienced at providing a broad range of non-medical support services. You never have to worry that they will ignore or neglect the instructions given by medical providers or by hospice nurses.

Hospice – palliative home care support is no substitute for hospice or palliative medical services. It is a support service that ensures your loved one gets the best possible care. Our caregivers work as part of the in-home care team with the dedication to reach the same goals. We strive to make the process an easier one for the client, their families, and the medical caregivers who treat them.

Dealing with a serious illness is difficult regardless of the expected outcome. We know that maintaining dignity and the best quality of life every day is the most important thing you can do. You can count on All Heart Home Care to provide an additional level of support to your loved one’s care plan to ensure the goals in their care plan are met.

If you want to learn more about Hospice- Palliative Home Care service, contact All Heart Home Care at 619-736-4677.

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