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It’s not always easy for a senior to transition from being in their own home to living in an assisted living facility. For some people, though, moving to an assisted living residence may be the best option for them. When the idea is first proposed, an older relative may feel anxious and upset at the prospect of change and may even resist the move.

Have you been trying to convince a parent or elderly relative that it’s time to make the change to assisted living? Understandably, some seniors resist moving out of their homes, but it can be stressful and discouraging for family members who have their best interests in mind. These kinds of disagreements can be emotionally draining for all people involved. We can help make the process easier by providing a caregiver to acquaint your senior with the positive aspects of assisted living.

Having a neutral person explain these benefits may help persuade them, and it can help you maintain a loving and stress-free relationship with your elderly parent or another relative. If the time has come to consider assisted living options, we are there for you and your loved one.

Time and Logistics

It can be difficult for an adult child to deal with the details of a move to assisted living for a parent. It’s a major challenge on top of the job and family responsibilities that take up each person’s time and energy. Our experienced and compassionate caregivers are available during daytime working hours to help iron out the details of the transition. Your senior’s assistant will help them prepare for and even anticipate moving to a new home.

Move at the Senior's Pace

Although moving your loved one into an assisted living facility will give you and your family peace of mind, it’s important to only move at your senior’s pace. Remember, this is a big change for your loved one. Take everything as slowly as necessary. Our caregivers will continue providing home care for your loved one until they’re ready to make the transition, so don’t worry. They’ll always be properly looked after.

Details of the Move

With our help, your loved one will be able to accept moving to a safe and caring assisted living environment with as little anxiety and disruption as possible. Our caregivers can help ensure a smooth transition to assisted living while attending to each senior’s unique home care needs. Your elderly loved one will receive help with all of these details when moving to assisted living:


Dealing with change is always less daunting if you have someone with you during the experience. Your loved one will have a companion by their side as they take this major step. Our professional senior caregivers are available to answer questions and guide each senior through the process.


Coordinating transportation for seniors who are moving to assisted living can be a challenging additional task for family members, on top of meeting a loved one’s regular needs. We can coordinate this for you and your senior, making sure that they are moved and settled in their new assisted living residence with as little trouble as possible.


Once a senior has agreed to make the move to assisted living, the transition is just beginning. Our caregivers will help organize all their belongings so your senior can decide what to take to the new location. Downsizing can be difficult, and we help guide seniors in choosing items to take along that will be useful and make them happy.

A Smooth Transition

Moving to a new home in an assisted living facility is a major life change, and we’ll work hard to make sure your senior doesn’t feel it’s happening too abruptly. For their peace of mind and happiness, the caregiver will help your elder accept the need for a change and then gradually prepare them for the move. Here are the steps we’ll take to help your senior family member move toward a more secure and fulfilling living situation:

  • After their initial introduction to the building and staff, your senior’s caregiver will take them back to visit the assisted living residence several times. They’ll have the opportunity to talk with staff and residents and become familiar with daily routines at the facility.

  • Your senior will have a few meals at the residence, giving them a chance to meet others who live there. They may participate in an activity or two as well, to spark their interest in living there.

  • Your family member will have the opportunity to explore the home and grounds so they can visualize their new surroundings. This experience will also be an opportunity to see the variety of rooms, hopefully increasing their enthusiasm for furnishing and decorating their own living space.

  • The caregiver can help with any of your loved one’s questions and concerns by writing them down and sharing them with you. Their mission is to assist both you and your loved one during this transition.

  • Once the decision to move has been made, the caregiver will help the senior pack their personal belongings and treasured items. The caregiver can also help them move items such as photo albums, home decor, and clothing. Please look into local moving companies for help with moving larger items such as furniture.

This system of familiarizing your loved one with all the details of the move will make an enormous difference in their acceptance of the change in living style. Instead of being anxious about moving to an unknown place, they’ll be able to clearly picture the residence and have an idea about what their life will be like at the new location. After visiting their new home and participating in meals and activities, they may even look forward to seeing friends who await their arrival.

Help and Guidance

All Heart Home Care™ professionals provide the companionship, transportation, and organization that’s needed for your loved one’s move to an assisted living dwelling. From taking those first steps toward the big move to settling into the assisted living accommodation, our caregivers offer the support and encouragement your senior needs.

To ensure the service has the best possible chance of success, you should ensure that the assisted living facility agrees to the terms set out by the senior and the caregiver who are visiting and using the space. Please ask your chosen facility for more information about this before committing to the move.

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