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All Heart's Management Team

All Heart Home Care™ provides experienced and compassionate home care in San Diego. All Heart’s management team has over 20 years combined professional caregiving experience and a diversity of life experiences. These qualities have given us the ability to provide our clients with 5 star care.

Each team member has a unique set of skills that contribute to the care that we provide to you or your loved one. Our knowledge and skills allow us to provide you with the quality of home care that will help you maintain a feeling of independence, preserve your dignity & enhance the quality of your life.

As a team, we have the result-oriented goal of providing you with the home care that adheres to the highest standards. We are always within easy reach of our caregivers so they have the ongoing support they need. We also offer them consistent training and continuing education. They are always working to improve their capabilities to provide the quality of services that our clients expect.

Please give All Heart Home Care a call at 619-736-4677 and schedule an appointment for a complimentary schedule. We offer 24/7 phone support.

All Heart Home Care Heroes

Eric Barth All Heart Home Care

Eric Barth

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Eric Barth, Veteran | Co-Founder | CEO | Director of Operations

Like many of us, Eric has seen firsthand the difficulty that people have in trying to care for a loved one. From his grandfather passing from Alzheimer’s disease and his grandmother from cancer. He could not be with her to provide the comfort he was certain they needed. It took a toll on his entire family. Having affordable in-home care was not available to the family, and it would have made a big difference to the entire family. Someone who understands the client’s unique circumstances understands the symptoms of the disease and has the right training to provide comfort to his grandparents.

In addition to the loss of his grandparents, he also lost his father from cancer. During that time, his family had a great deal of difficulty finding in-home care with the expertise to care for his father. The entire family felt alone and without hope. He knows that a company like All Heart Home Care would have made a great deal of difference.

Today, Eric recognizes the need for Alzheimer’s and cancer patients and their families to have specialized in-home care. Like many adult children who want to be there for their parents and grandparents, Eric had obligations that he simply couldn’t neglect. Distance also adds to the difficulty. Eric was in Spokane, Washington, where he was stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base. His family lived in Wisconsin.

The experiences Eric had with his grandparents and his father brought him to open All Heart Home Care. To ensure families have affordable care they require to remain in the comforts of their own home. Now that Eric is out of the military, he devotes his life to caring for the elderly in how a family member would. As a team member of All Heart Home Care, Eric provides the highest quality of client-centered, affordable in-home care.

Ryan Ines All Heart Home Care

Ryan Ines

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Ryan Ines,  Co-Founder | VP | LVN | Infection Preventionist

In 2001 Ryan started working as a caregiver for several in-home-care agencies in San Diego. Ryan observed and discovered that the care provided to their clients was impersonal and not at the level that he felt the agency should have delivered the care. That was when he decided to co-found his own company All Heart Home Care in 2014. His mission, vision, and passion are to change the caregiving industry one client at a time.
Ryan has over 4 years of experience working as a Certified Nursing Assistant and has acquired his license as a pharmacy technician. Through his work and education, Ryan has developed the skills to work with patients who have cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other forms of dementia. He has dedicated his life to providing care for others. His choice in careers did not surprise Ryan’s family and close friends. He comes from a long line of nurses and health care professionals with the same dedication to caring that is so important to him.

Ryan continues to pursue learning and advanced development in his profession. In 2017, he passed the board of nursing, earning his certification as a licensed vocational nurse (LVN). He graduated with high honors and served as Valedictorian of his graduating class. In 2019, Ryan acquired additional skills specializing in infection prevention from working at one of the largest skilled nursing companies in the nation. He brings this skill set to All Heart Home Care’s client and caregivers in preventing infectious diseases from spreading such as the flu, pneumonia, and COVID-19 to list a few. Also, Ryan has access to San Diego County resources in providing preventive measures with educational training.

As a Co-owner of All Heart Home Care, Ryan brings over 20 years of knowledge and experience to the company and the clients they serve.

Cynthia Hernandez All Heart Home Care

Cynthia Hernandez

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Cynthia Hernandez, ABA | Client Relations

Cynthia started working with All Heart Home Care in 2014. She accepted the role of our office assistant and client relations representative. Her prior work experience was working at the Superior Court of Orange County assisting seniors in the probate and family law department as a Court Clerk II for 10 years. She would also assist many senior citizens in preparing paperwork, translating, and finding low-income families an attorney. Cynthia also previously worked as a Customer Service Representative for South Bay Health Insurance where she counseled senior citizens in finding the perfect health care insurance that best fits their needs. She was also responsible for going to her client’s home and assisting seniors with paperwork to qualify for health care insurance. Cynthia coordinated doctor appointments and transportation service to and from their appointments.

Cynthia brings over 20 years’ experience assisting senior citizens with their varied needs, such as court issues, health care insurance and non-medical home care. She has the passion and the heart for helping seniors.

Rina Ines All Heart Home Care

Rina Ines

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Rina Ines, BSBM | Executive Administrator

Rina has been in the medical field for over 17 years. Throughout her professional career, she has assisted seniors.  She is compassionate and has a real passion for helping others. Rina’s approach to life is being patient, humorous, gentle and a good-hearted to others. Among many, one reason she loves working with seniors is how much she learns from them.  Seniors have a wealth of knowledge to share and lots of time to do just that. Their tales can be like a time machine, taking her back to a simpler era.

As an executive administrator, she serves as the lead point of contact for managing customer accounts. Rina studied Business Administration with an emphasis on management at San Diego State University. In 2017, she ventured on a three-month road trip through the west coast and for 3 months she lived in Europe and visited 15 countries. During her time off, she enjoys hiking, cooking, going for long walks, and volunteering.

She is also focused on putting her passions and skills to good use by supporting organizations and projects that she really cares about whether it’s volunteering or speaking at senior centers raising awareness about senior care. She has also volunteered at Eye Mobile for Children and Tony Robbins Youth Leadership Summit in San Diego.

Rina’s purpose and passion are to make a difference in the community by helping provide the best in home care for seniors. She is always determined to bring 100% to the work she does. She takes pride in working at All Heart Home Care, which is the best in-home care agency in San Diego.

Clifford Ines All Heart Home Care

Ben Torrijos

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Ben Torrijos, Veteran, MAOM | Hiring Manager

Prior to assisting All Heart Home Care in discovering the most qualified caregivers, Ben had served in the United States Air Force. His military career includes two tours in Iraq. His responsibilities as a military supervisor enabled him to see the importance of training and compliance when achieving organizational objectives. His military accomplishments include several Air Force Achievement Medals and Operation Iraqi Freedom Accommodation Medals.

After fulfilling his service with the military, he obtained his master’s degree in Organizational Management from Ashford University and a bachelor’s degree in Technical Management with an emphasis in Human Resources from DeVry University. Ben had worked with a multitude of companies in human resources administration duties that helped with various planning for company objectives and accomplishing company goals.

His experiences of losing his grandfather from dementia, his uncle from heart disease, and his father from cancer prompted his passion to help seniors live a healthier and fulfilling life. Ben shares his compassion in helping seniors as his mother is also a caregiver. His compassion provides him the drive to reach out to various community needs and give a helping hand. Ben has the drive and the experience to ensure All Heart Home Care hires the most dependable, caring, and experienced caregivers that San Diego offers.

Christina De Guzman All Heart Home Care

Christina De Guzman

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Christina De Guzman, A.A.S. | Quality Assurance Manager

Christina finds working with seniors feels like being around her own grandparents; only it is more fun! As an early age she enjoyed visiting her grandparents and their friends who live in a nursing home. There she was taught to respect the elderly and learn from their personal experiences in life.

Her journey in senior care started when she was in high school, where she worked in an assisted living facility as a server. Since then fell in love assisting seniors and she discovered her passion to care for the elderly. In 2017 her career in the medical field began when she received her diploma in Medical Assisting. She worked as a Medical Assistant at a Family and Geriatric Care Medical Group where she developed more skills and interest in helping seniors and hospitality.

In 2020, she graduated as Magna Cum Laude from California College San Diego with an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Business. She decided to use her degree with helping seniors. Before joining All Heart Home Care family, Christina worked at a senior living and memory care administration with helping seniors search for their new home and made sure that they are receiving the best care.

Christina believes that assisting seniors is not a job, it is a passion. She often expresses how blessed she feels to be a part of the All Heart Home Care team because of their compassion, conviction, and making a difference in the senior community that align with her own values. Her commitment is to promote independence for the elderly,  improve quality of life, and that they are cared for.

Victoria Lisenko All Heart Home Care Photo is Coming Soon

Victoria Lisenko

Victoria Lisenko,  BSN, RN, PHN | Case Manager

In addition to her passion for providing care to the geriatric patient population, Victoria is also an advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association San Diego Chapter. Her compassion and understanding come in part from her own experience of seeing both of her parents’ battle diabetes and cancer. They were not prepared for the change in lifestyle or the emotional and physical demands that their conditions demanded. The care provided to her parents after their diagnosis and through their recovery took everything the family had to give. Since Victoria’s mother lives in Michigan and her father in Texas, providing care from California was exceptionally difficult.

Victoria and her family were more fortunate than some other team members. She and her family found help from local care agencies in both of her parents’ communities. Victoria knows firsthand the difference having reputable agencies to care for your loved ones can make.

Victoria is happy to have the opportunity to work with the team of healthcare professionals that make up the staff of All Heart Home Care. She realizes that each member is committed to improving lives and that they have the same dedication to giving a diversity of patients the highest quality home care in San Diego.

Clifford Ines All Heart Home Care

Clifford Ines

Clifford Ines,  BSN, RN | Case Manager

Clifford started his career in nursing in 2005 after graduating cum laude. Upon graduation from nursing school he moved to a staff nursing role in a medical-surgical unit before becoming a charge nurse. After a few years, he worked as a nurse educator and was assigned to mentor interns at elderly care centers. At the elderly care center, he assisted elderly clients with disorders such as dementia, post stroke, advanced cancer, depression, and other behavioral and cognitive concerns. There he emphasized the integral role of creating care plans to ensure their patients’ needs are met with timely, high-quality responses in caring for elderly clients.

As a Care Manager, he conducts extensive research on all resources available to your loved ones, coordinate benefits and care, and assist in helping team members discuss difficult topics. Through All Heart Home Care, he shares his wealth of information to all care team members to ensure that everyone can address the biopsychosocial needs of every client of All Heart Home Care. He shares personal values as what the company holds: compassion, care, and respect, and this reflects strong commitment to serve the elderly population with the utmost care they deserve.

5 Star Reviews

  • Susan T. Avatar
    Susan T.
    4/12/2019 - Google

    Following a major heart attack. All Heart Home Care caregivers have the most excellent professional care. The Caregivers were all devoted, were attentive to my every need and compassionate and caring towards the family, informing us of every step and intervention. We are all so grateful. Thank you.

  • Jose D. Avatar
    Jose D.
    8/27/2018 - Google

    After calling a few places and met with a few different agencies my father and siblings felt the most comfortable choosing All Heart Home Care. They worked with my father and brother’s work schedule. My father gets along with their male Caregiver and they both are Veterans which makes it a perfect match.

  • Cosusin S. Avatar
    Cosusin S.
    8/23/2018 - Google

    My family is so pleased with All Heart Home Care and their services. My mother lives in La Jolla and was looking for a home care agency that would help her with transportation, showering, and light house cleaning. The Caregivers are extremely caring and loving. I will recommend you to my friends.

Awards & Accreditations

All Heart Home Care 2021 The San Diego Union Tribune Best Non-Medical

All Heart Home Care Senior Advisor 2021 Best in Home Care San Diego

All Heart Home Care San Diego 100% Licensed - Bonded - Insured

All Heart Home Care San Diego Better Business Bureau Accredited BBB A+ Rating

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