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7 Ways To Leave A Family Legacy

Family Legacy Home Care San Diego Senior and Family Eating Meal Together

As people get older they often reflect on what they have achieved over the course of their lives. This usually includes their career achievements and charitable contributions to their community. Some seniors feel that they didn’t achieve enough, which can bring a general feeling of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

If you have an older parent, it is important to remind them that their legacy also includes their positive contribution to the family. You can encourage them to improve their family legacy by documenting their memories and ideas. You can also encourage them to give advice to the younger members of the family. It will help your family remember a much-loved family member after they have passed on. Here are a few of the best ways to create a valuable family legacy.

#1 — Make Recordings of Cherished Memories

You can create video or audio recordings of your loved one re-telling some of their most treasured memories. Have them describe their memory of meeting their husband or wife for the first time. Ask them to talk about any memorable events they saw or participated in.  Have them offer some advice for the younger generation on everything from making a marriage work through to dealing with stress.

These recordings will be invaluable for future generations. They will be able to see or hear their grandparents or great-grandparents offering them advice and describing the highlights of their life.

#2 — Make a Family Tree

A family tree is a valuable asset for your family, as it allows future generations to trace their lineage back centuries. If your family does not have a family tree, or it is incomplete, talk to your older relatives about it as soon as possible. Ask them about their parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. They will probably begin sharing their favorite memory of their relatives as they help you complete the family tree. You may hear some incredible stories that were never mentioned before.

#3 — Collect Family Recipes

Almost every family has a collection of treasured family recipes. When you think about it, they are much more than simple recipes — they are the meals that were enjoyed while making cherished family memories. It is important to collect these recipes so future generations can enjoy the delicious meals of their ancestors. Have your older relatives share their recipes and create recipe books that are distributed amongst the family.

#4 — Make Personalized Photo Albums

Photos are another important part of your loved-one’s legacy for the family. Take lots of photos of your older relatives spending time with the children in the family. These images will become highly valued by the family in the future. Consider making personalized photo albums for the grandchildren in the family, featuring collections of images of them spending time with their grandparents. In addition to photos, you can add mementos to each page, including ticket stubs and drawings.

#5 — Document Family Health Histories

This is a part of a senior’s legacy that may someday save the life of a loved one. Ask them about their health history and the health history of their older relatives. You may discover that cancer, unusual blood disorders, or mental illness is common in the family. This knowledge may be useful if other family members becomes ill at some point.

#6 — Ask Your Love-One to Write Down Their Memories

Your relative may be interested in writing down some of their memories and stories for the family to enjoy. Using the written word means they can add as much detail as possible and really go into depth.

#7 — Give Back to The Community

Many seniors make a small donation to the local community as a part of their legacy.  Even if they are not particularly wealthy, they can still afford to make a small donation to an animal shelter or pay for the installation of a new park bench. They will feel very satisfied, knowing that they have made an important contribution to the community.

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