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Agency Caregivers Versus Private Caregivers
April 20, 2016
All Heart Home Care San Diego Home Care Agency Differences
Home Care Agency Differences
April 21, 2016

Home Care Benefits to Seniors

Our non-medical home care services allow the elderly to stay physically close to their belongings that give them comfort.  Their favorite chair, gardening, friends and family that stop by and visit, and a kitchen to enjoy a morning cup of coffee, are all comforts, we call home. Their cherished possessions do not have to be condensed and stored, as they move into a single room. Being able to keep these items readily available is important because they often have sentimental value and are tied to numerous memories.  Let’s not forget studies have proven people with pets tend to live a less stressful life.  The family’s loving pet(s) will be cared for as well. By having an in-home caregiver you will be able to continue the enjoyment of your pet(s).

Our services are affordable

At All Heart Home Care we ensure affordable rates for our home care services.  Assisted living facilities can be very costly and, in some cases, far away from their family. In many cases, seniors have completely paid off their mortgage, which can significantly lessen the costs of caregiving at home.

Our Caregivers save you valuable time

Home care services are time consuming for a family caregiver. Often, it becomes challenging for the family caregiver to be able to juggle the time needed. Our non-medical home care support becomes a necessity, which allows a family caregiver to focus more time on priorities, rather than routine tasks, which can be done by our in-home care specialist trained for that specific job. All Heart Home Care professionals are available 24/7 for all your caregiving needs.  Our caregiving services will allow you to have more time for yourself and family. This will enable you to enjoy your loved ones company, versus undertaking the caregiving burden.

Team All Heart will give you comfort and peace of mind

If you have an elderly parent, chances are you have spent more than one sleepless night worrying about their health and well-being.  You can reduce the burden with having an All Heart Home Care caregiver attend to their needs.  When you bring an All Heart Home Care Caregiver into their home, you’re doing more than ensuring quality care for your loved one; you’re ensuring peace of mind.  In most cases, it’s simply not possible for you to provide the knowledge and care that they deserve. It is often a difficult choice with finding a balance in caring for them and taking care of one’s own needs. With a busy lifestyle, it’s difficult to overlap the additional demands and responsibility of being a full-time caregiver. Taking advantage of our resources will enable you to enjoy your time with them.

Our professional assistance and family support

Our caregivers excel and are able to succeed, with our conclusive knowledge, experience and training.

While in many families caregivers come from within the family, this may not always be a practical solution. Caregiving is a demanding job often beyond the capability of a family member. Certain types of caregiving may also require specific training.

Our Case Manager is committed to involving your family in the care process and keeping everyone informed.  Our caregivers document your loved ones daily activities in their personalized “Activities of Daily Living” care binder.  Our Case Manager will make routine visits to ensure your satisfaction of our services. If your loved one’s well-being is at all in question, you and your family members are immediately contacted and we will make all necessary changes to the Personalized Care Plan.

Lifestyle with dignity and independence

Our Caregivers will help the elderly maintain the lifestyle that he or she was once accustomed to.  Many seniors fear of moving into a nursing home and losing their independence.  According to a study, nearly 90% of seniors want to remain living in their current home rather than a nursing home.  Throughout life, our homes give us a feeling of familiarity, comfort, safety and security. The home setting will allow your loved one to remain engaged with their typical daily activities and to continue living independently.

Seniors who live at home are able to maintain a level of independence. When you choose to receive our non-medical home care services, your loved one will have the freedom to choose their schedule of the activities they love.  All Heart Home Care will create an “Activities of Daily Living” schedule based on their hobbies and interests.  We will also create a healthy, balanced and nutritious customized 7 day menu planner.  In creating the menu planner we will incorporate their favorite foods, so that they can stay healthy, and continue to enjoy their current lifestyle.

In-home care is safe

All Heart Home Care will complete an in-home “Site Safety Assessment” ensuring the home is safe and secure to live in. A qualified home care professional will make the home environment safer, by recommending easy fixes such as grab bars, anti-slip rugs, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, etc….

Our home care services extend and improve the quality of life

In-home care postpones pre-mature decline.  We encourage independence and self-directed care. With our professional guidance, aging parents will stay in charge of their own life. In-home care also enriches the quality of our loved one’s golden years. Those receiving our non-medical home care services tend to report high rates of satisfaction with the services they receive and with life overall.

If you are interested in learning more about home care benefits to seniors and the exciting home care services available at All Heart Home Care, contact us today at 619-736-4677.  We offer free in-home consultations and can explain all of the benefits obtained from using a home care service!

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